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Kids Jumping into the Lake


What You Need to Know

How much should I give my child for tuck/canteen?

While you are allowed to choose this amount, Only a modest amount should be given, around $20 to $25

How do you deal with homesickness?

While your child is at camp, it is common for some to experience homesickness from time to time. While we encourage the campers to stay and help them through this stage, we will be in touch with the parent(s) or Guardian(s) in more severe circumstances.

What makes your camp the right choice for my child?

There are many camps out there however, for the last 40 years, our camp has provided exceptional care and support for our campers. It is not only a safe environment, but one where children and youth are greatly exposed to God's love, attention, and comfort. Most of our volunteers are alumni meaning, they were once campers too.

How do I get in touch with you if I need to?

Our contact page has contact information as needed! There is also an emergency contact number located in the case the director is unable to reach the phone.

Is the camp really free? And Why?

Yes, for over 40 years Camp Living Water has provided this camp free of charge. For much Indigenous youth, camps are unaffordable. This provides a free of charge opportunity for anyone who would like to participate.  All costs are covered by partnered churches and valued donors. If you would like to send your child with a donation, please feel free to do so by visiting our donation page for more info.


What to bring?

Here are general items to bring...

  • Jeans and Shorts

  • Shirts (Long and Short Sleeved)

  • Undergarments and Socks

  • Shoes and Boots (For Inclement Weather)

  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow (Warm Blanket)

  • Swimwear and Towel

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste

  • Hygiene Products (As Needed)

  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Jacket

  • Flashlight

  • Money for Tuckshop/Canteen 


  • Immodest clothing

  • iPods/iPhones/iPads/Speakers

  • Cellular Devices

  • Other Valuable Devices

  • Knives, Matches, Lighters, anything dangerous

  • Anything too valuable to lose

Camper belongings are all subject to a search. If anything above in the "Do Not Bring" category is found, we will return at the end of the camp. Anything found to be illegal will be turned into the RCMP.

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